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December 27, 2020

January and late winter can be a time where many people are feeling sad and down. The holidays are over, and things are cold and dark here in Upstate NY. But did you know that having house plants in your home can help elevate some of those winter blues feelings? Studies have found that plants can help elevate mood, as well as purify air in your home (something we all need when the windows and doors are shut tight!). With many of us spending more time than ever in our homes, house plants can have many helpful benefits during this time. Here’s some of our favorite reasons to keep plants in your home:

  1. Plants add a little color and life to a sterile room. They’re a great decorating element, not to mention they reduce noise and can add privacy.

    If you’ve ever experienced how easily a plant can help decorate a room and make it feel cozier, this is a given. If not, go to your nearest locally owned greenhouse, like Chester’s, grab a plant, a pot, and bring it home. We promise you’ll understand! Adding a plant to a room

    In addition to the decorating aspect, during this time of social distancing and working from home, you may find that your home is noisier, and its harder to find a space of solitude. Plants can do that for you easily! If you have space, a big floor plant like a ficus or rubber plant can separate a room and act like a divider in shared spaces. No space? Hang that plant up with a macramé plant hanger! The best part? Plants act like sound barriers and absorbers, and can reduce noises in your home.

  2. Plants can be therapeutic and calming to care for.

    Studies have found that repotting a plant can significantly reduce negative stress responses, and working with plants can greatly reduce psychological and physiological stress. The meditative qualities of watering, repotting and caring for your plants can give you a few minutes of solace in a crazy world.

  3. Plants can help improve your homes air quality by increasing humidity and producing oxygen.

    NASA has studied the benefits of plants in enclosed spaces since the 80’s, and have found that plants can decrease the air pollution in these small enclosed areas. Those who suffer from indoor allergies can greatly benefit from the addition of plants in the environment. Plants absorb harmful toxins (think dusts and allergens), breaking them down into gentle byproducts, and storing them in their soil to use later for food. They also naturally add a bit of humidity to a home, which is great during dry winter months!

    Some of the best plants for air quality include: rubber plants, pothos plants, snake plants and ficus. All of these plants are regularly available at Chester’s!

  4. Plants reduce stress and fatigue.

    Plants don’t ask much from us, just a little bit of water, sunlight and good soil. They just hang out and grow. Many of us who have plants in our homes notice the sense of calm they give us. Connecting with nature has proven to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and the fatigue that comes with it, and during these winter months, having a plant in your home is the next best thing!

  5. Plants have been found to boost your mood, productivity, and creativity. 

    Studies have found that students who studied with real, live plants in the classroom were more attentive and better able to concentrate than students in the other groups, and brain scans proved this! Having trouble concentrating and feeling good about your work while working from home? The addition of a plant to your office desk may increase the chances of you having a great day at work!  


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