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Top 8 Flowers for Valentine’s day

January 28, 2015

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about roses! There are a number of flower choices that can show your love and appreciation for that special someone. Here’s a list of our top floral picks for your sweetie:



8. Alstromeria: Alstromeria are beautiful flowers that can be included in a bouquet, or presented by themselves. Resembling a miniature lily, they come in a variety of colors including red, purple, pink, white, yellow and green – along with several variegated varieties. Alstromeria symbolize devotion and the growth of friendship.


7. Iris: Irises are a popular and beautiful spring flower. They range in color from deep purple, to light indigo, and even can be found in yellow and white. Irises are the birth flower of February, and are the perfect gift for someone celebrating a birthday in close vicinity to Valentine’s Day.


6. Orchid: Orchids are a great gift for someone who needs a tropical pick-me-up during the winter months. Available as both potted plants and fresh cut flowers, these unique blooms come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors. Since the Victorian Era, orchids have symbolized luxury, love, beauty and strength.


5. Tulips: These beautiful spring flowers are an elegant and graceful gift. Tulips, much like alstromeria, come in a variety of bright and vibrant spring colors. Originally from Turkey, these cheery flowers rose to popularity in the 17th century, and continue to be a classic choice today.


4. Gerbera Daisies: Gerbera daisies are some of the most playful and fun flowers available. Closely resembling both sunflowers and daisy mums, these flowers are a vibrant and cheerful Valentine’s day pick. Representing innocence, purity and happiness, Gerbera daisies are a popular flower among young girls and a great choice for a first love.


3. Carnations: These colorful and classic flower’s aren’t just for your grandma! Carnations come in just about every vibrant and unique color you can think of. They are fun, bright, long lasting and affordable. Carnations look great by themselves as a dozen, or mixed in with a variety of flowers. The origin of these flowers dates back at least 2,000 years and legend has it that the Greeks used them in ceremonial crowns.


2. Lilies: Fragrant lilies are a popular choice for Valentine’s day, whether they are mixed in with roses or arranged by themselves. Lilies represent purity of heart, sweetness and virtue.


1. Roses: We can’t forget the classic rose – a Valentine’s Day staple. Red roses are the perfect gift to represent your love. However, mixed roses are also a popular choice, especially for a unique person or a new relationship. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with the gods Aphrodite and Venus, who represented love and devotion, and is therefore how today’s meanings came about. Traditionally, different rose colors represent different meanings, examples including yellow for friendship and lavender for love at first sight.



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