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Say it With Flowers This Valentine’s Day

January 27, 2020

Floriography, or the language of flowers, has been a method of coded communication via flowers for thousands of years. Certain blooms have historically held high regard in societies around the world, such as tulips in Turkey or cherry blossoms in Japan. It wasn’t until the Victorian era in the Western world that we interpreted flowers into a language that we still speak today.

This ‘language’ was compiled into many books and guides during that time period, some of which are still in print! Today this language has assimilated into popular culture and we have more ways to communicate than ever, but the language of flowers still prevails; red roses for love, sunflowers for positivity, baby’s breath for purity.

This Valentine’s Day, pick up a bouquet for your significant other, your mom, your children, a friend or co-worker, or even yourself!
Check out the secret meanings below for anyone you’re looking to send love to and say it with flowers!

Blooms for A Spouse or Significant Other:

  • Red Roses – true love
  • Hydrangea – understanding, heartfelt emotion
  • White Lily – purity, refined beauty, memories
  • Red Tulip – declaration of love, passion

Our recommendation: Roses with Lilies Arrangement

Blooms for a Mother:

  • Pink Carnation – a mother’s love
  • Iris – wisdom, trust
  • Lisianthus – gratitude, everlasting bond
  • Stock – beauty, loving bond

Our recommendation: Unforgettable Bouquet

Blooms for a child:

  • Daisy – innocence, new beginnings
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum – precious
  • Baby’s Breath – purity
  • Spray Rose – childhood memories

Our recommendation: Love’s Rainbow Bouquet

Blooms for a Friend:

  • Alstromeria – true friendship
  • Gerbera Daisy – cheerfulness
  • Ivy – strong bonds, dependence, faithfulness
  • Delphinium – joy, lightheartedness, vivacity
  • Yellow Rose – friendship

Our recommendation: Love Me Tender Bouquet

Blooms for You:

  • Bells of Ireland – luck
  • Pink Rose – grace
  • White Tulip – worthiness
  • Snapdragons – confidence

Our recommendation: Secret Garden Bouquet

There are also  a number of plants that hold secret meanings as well, we’ve listed a few below that you can find in our greenhouse;

  • Ferns – sincerity
  • Jasmine – unconditional love
  • Anthurium – kindess
  • Bird-of-Paradise – magnificence, faithfulness
  • Hibiscus – rare and delicate beauty
  • Rosemary – remembrance
  • Orchids – luxury, refined beauty

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