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Poinsettia Care

December 6, 2010

Poinsettia careThe Poinsettia is everybody’s favorite Christmas flowering plant. It is available not only in red, white and pink, but also many variegated and speckled varieties as well as shades of salmon and burgundy. A quality plant from a local florist or grower like Chester’s can look beautiful for many months with minimal care. Chester’s growers have taken care of all the growing details so you can enjoy your poinsettia with very little effort.

Pick a plant which looks healthy, and has no wilting leaves or damaged flowers. Yellow leaves and wilted blooms are a sign of recent stress and will be hard to overcome. Most varieties will be purchased in full bloom this time of year and will not require any fertilizer during the rest of the flowering period.

Chesters Poinsettias

The poinsettia is in the Euphorbia family, as are many cactus varieties. It likes sunlight, so keeping it within 4 feet of a window is a good idea. It cannot tolerate over-watering, so only water it when it is dry and do not let it stand in excess water. Watering with cool or luke warm water can help prevent the spread of root disease as poinsettias like the soil temperature to be around 60 degrees. Cold tap water can lead to problems.

The ideal temperature would be 65 – 72 degrees, but it can tolerate as low as 60 degrees. Protect the plant from extreme drafts – both hot or cold.

It is common to have your poinsettia plant look beautiful well into winter and even early spring. By then you are ready to replace it. It is possible to keep the plant through the summer and get it to re-flower. Look for a future article regarding re-flowering poinsettias to be posted then end of December.

Enjoy the beautiful colors of the poinsettia plant and have a terrific holiday !!


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