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Petal it Forward Recap

October 21, 2015

On Wednesday October 7th, Chester’s participated with a nationwide movement called Petal it Forward. Our team handed out around 750 bouquets to 375 people through out the Greater Utica Region. Each person received two bouquets, one to keep and one to give away or “Petal it Forward.”


We started off the week with a huge shipment of flowers and Bill talking about our event on WIBX’s Keeler in the Morning.



The majority of the flowers we gave out were donated by our generous wholesalers. We received a total of over 6,000 stems of flowers. Both of our walk in coolers were filled with flowers!


Next, on Tuesday, came assembly. We put together around 750 bouquets, each with a tag asking our recipients to send their second bouquet along and share their experience on social media, using the tag #petalitforward.




Early Wednesday morning we headed out to find people on their way to work. We loaded up 3 vans with almost 100 bouquets in each for our first runs. Here’s some highlights:












We had plenty of hands on deck and even a little extra helper – Jamie’s son William came along!



As the day went on, people began sharing their flower experience on social media. We had several people even break up the bouquets they were given to spread the positive energy further. Here’s just a few of the many stories we recieved:

“On my way to a work function at Utica College I stopped at a certain coffee place on Oriskany Boulevard. I waited to be knowledge by the employee, which didn’t happen as he was busy sorting coffee filters instead. So I promptly left and went up the road to Holland Farms where I was immediately greeted with a smile and I got my coffee. On the way out a man approached me and asked me if anyone ever gave me flowers. I said not in a long time, so he handed me two bouquets and said he was from Chester’s flowers and that they were starting a movement to “petal it forward”. He told me to keep one bouquet and give the other one to a stranger. And he only asked that I take a picture and share it on social media. So I went to the St. Luke’s campus dental office area and waited for someone to walk by. I gave my bouquet to the first girl I saw and then I gave her the second one and told her I had no way to keep them because I was going to be busy all day and that she could give them to someone else. And then I asked her to do the same thing that the man from Chester’s told me to do, put it on social media. As I was leaving, she was handing the second bouquet to another girl who is coming in. Were it not for the unsatisfactory service I initially received at my first stop, 6 other lives would not have been touched with a smile and kindness. A good start to today.”

“My mom recently had a stroke (I was with her) after a really hard week I was given flowers for me and flowers to share. I felt like it was a gift from above!! What a blessing! Thank you so much!”

“I was in New Hartford yesterday and came out of a business and 2 nice ladies from Chester’s Flowers gave me 2 bouquets of flowers.One for me and one to ” petal it foward “. How awesome.! I then went to a grocery store and saw a lady who looked like she would enjoy them so I explained it to her and she said her teenage daughter was in the car and was just released from having surgery and loves flowers so I gave them to her. She was so happy and so was I. It felt good to do something nice for someone. Thank you so much Chester’s”

Want to see more of our Petal it Forward photos and stories? Visit our Facebook page! Have a story to tell? Email us, we would love to hear about your experience!



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