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Petal It Forward Recap

November 4, 2019

Chester’s Flowers was proud to participate in this year’s Petal It Forward event, alongside over 600 other nationwide participants, representing every state in the US, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico!

To prep for the big day we first received over 5,000 stems of fresh cut flowers from our generous wholesalers! Then we got to work, assembly-line style, creating over 800 bouquets, in seven different styles.

We cleaned, cut, prepped, assembled, and wrapped over 1500 carnations, 200 Gerbera daisies, 700 pom poms, 550 roses, 60 lilies, 170 sunflowers, and 450 spider mums!

Just one cooler of bouquets the night before Petal It Forward.

Morning of the big day we loaded up the vans and headed out to high-traffic spots all over the Greater Utica area! Almost everyone here at Chester’s had a shift handing out our beautiful blooms to unsuspecting recipients. We had a blast spreading smiles and it seemed like everyone who petaled it forward did too!

Bill loading up Van #1 bright and early!

Chock full and ready to go!

Custom printed inspiration cards by Maria!

Laurie and Kalei heading out to Clinton!

Cathy visits the post office in Yorkville!

Maria and Lori head downtown. Image courtesy of the Observer Dispatch.

Lori handing out flowers to an unsuspecting Utican. Image courtesy of the Observer Dispatch.

Maria petals it forward at the Court Vue Luncheonette. Image courtesy of the Observer Dispatch.

Kalei gives away a bouquet outside of Utica Coffee Roasters in Clinton. Image courtesy of the Waterville Times.

Maria visits New York Sash!

Happy recipients at Bev’s Place!


Our favorite part is seeing where the bouquets end up when the initial recipients petal it forward! Thank you for posting to social media and sharing the love! Til next time!



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