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Non-Stop Begonias Are in Season!

June 30, 2011

Begonias bloom so freely that the flowers create a plethera of color in the garden, making them popular subjects for mass plantings, formal designs, patio pots, or hanging baskets. Color and form remain fairly contant all season.non-stop begonias

Tips on how to grow these wonderful summertime flowers are as follows: Let the plants dry out in between watering. Feed occasionally with a broad purpose flowering annual feed.

Keep the plants in partial shade. Filtered light found beneath trees that would protect the plant from some of the suns rays would be an ideal spot .

Deadheading the non-stop begonia is not manditory because the plants shed flowers as they fade, but taking the spent blooms off the plant or out from around the base of the plant will help keep the plant flowering and free from disease.

Being annuals, Nonstop begonias cease to flower after the first frost, but the plants are able to survive for a while in
the ground by developing tubers. If you overwinter the
tubers in a dry dark place, they will turn into colorful
new bloomers again in the spring.Beautiful Springtime Begonias


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