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How We Make Fresh Balsam Wreaths

November 17, 2018

Fresh Balsam wreaths are a holiday tradition for many of our customers, as well as all of us here at Chester’s. Did you know we make all of our fresh wreaths right here on York Street? The garage smells like fresh cut pine for the whole month of November as the staff assembles each and every one of the wreaths. How do we do all this though? Read below on our process:


1. Bales of pine branches are cut and put in our cooler. Most of what we use is balsam fir, however we do mix some wreaths with white pine and other winter greens. Much of the white pine comes right from owner, Bill, who cuts trees down from his land, ties them up and brings them to us.


2. Pine is cut into small pieces. Using a sharp pair of sheers and gloves (your hands get super sticky!), we cut down the fir and pine into smaller, more manageable pieces at the breaks. This allows us to shape the wreaths nicely around the frames.



3. Wreaths are shaped and attached to frames in segments. Our staff takes cut pieces of balsam and places them against a frame. The pine is attached to different frames in different ways. The fresh balsam wreaths have pieces of metal that are pinched together over the fir, using a specialized table with a foot petal for extra leverage. The mixed pine wreaths are wire to a metal frame by hand to ensure that the different textures stay properly attached.



4. Wreaths are priced and stored. After each wreath is completed, we add a wire hanger, price it, and put it either outside for sale or in our cooler. The wreaths are best kept cool, so outside or in our cooler will help them last longer.



5. Wreaths are decorated for the season. Some of our customers prefer to pick out a pre-decorated wreath to hang on their front door or bring to the cemetery. The last step of our wreath-making is to decorate a selection of the wreaths with bows, pine cones, ornaments and trim for our customers.

Like what you see? You can order one of our fragrant and fresh wreaths online or in store!


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