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Easter Lily Care

April 4, 2012

How to Choose and Care for Your Easter Lilies

Many people think that while shopping for lilies, they need to purchase one that’s already in full bloom. Your lily will last much longer if you find one which is just starting to open. The following are tips on how to pick the perfect Easter Lily and care for it as well.Good time to purchase a Lily

– Choose a plant that has has a tight bud to a partially opened flower. ——->

– Make sure the Lily has a uniform rich, healthy, green color and check the plant for signs of insects and disease like dark spots, crinkling and wilting.

– The plant you choose should be approximately two times as tall as the pot.

– Display the Lily in bright but indirect sunlight.

– Keep your Lily away from appliances or windows that have drafts or heat sources such as a wood stove.

– Make sure to remove the anthers (pollen) from the center because this helps to prolong the life of the Lily as well as keep from staining the white flower or anything else it contacts.

– Keep the daytime temperatures around 60 – 65 degrees F, or cooler if you want the lily to last even longer.

– Water when the soil becomes dry and remove flowers as the fade and wither.Easter Lilies in full bloom

If regularly tended to, and with the proper care, your Easter Lily will turn out to be a beautiful Easter display.

For quality Easter lilies and many more seasonal flowering plants, visit Chester’s greenhouses on York St before Easter.

For added enjoyment, try planting your lily outside. After all the blooms are gone, cut the remaining stem about 1″ above the soil line and plant the whole soil mass so the bulb settles about 6-8 deep. You may get a bloom in the fall, and it’s likely you’ll get one the following spring too.


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