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January 25, 2012

Florist cyclamen are in full bloom and available now through late springRed Cyclamen. Cyclamen make a great blooming winter house plant because they thrive in cooler temperatures. Cyclamen add vibrant color and cheerfulness to a winter home when the weather outside is not conducive to gardening.

The plant is very easy to care for. Choose one with a few flowers with strong straight stems and lots of buds tucked down underneath the foliage. Provide the plant with bright light out of direct sunlight and in cool temperatures, preferably below 68 degrees but White Cyclamenno lower than 50 degrees. Warm temperatures above 70 degrees cause the leaves to yellow and discourage blooming. Cyclamen also need high humidity, (most houses are very dry in the winter), so place the plant on a tray with pebbles filled with water but low enough so the plant is not sitting in water. The evaporation of the water should provide enough humidity.

Cyclamen do not like getting it’s crown wet which could encourage tube rot so care must be given when watering from the top. Let the plant dry out well but not to the point of wilting then give it a good slow drink, making sure not to flood the crown. An easier way to water is by placing the plant in a tray of water and letting it sit for 15 minutes then remove the plant and allow to drain. This prevents any water from damaging the crown. A ½ strength, water soluble house plant fertilizer can be applied every 3-4 weeks and , make sure there is good air circulation around the plant to prevent diseases.Pink and White Cyclamen flower

Removing the dead flowers, including their stems, will encourage more buds and extend its length of flowering.

The cyclamen, a beautiful blooming house plant is a great addition to your home décor but also makes a great get well gift, birthday gift, or a gift for any other special occasion.


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