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Beat the Winter Blues with Fresh Flowers!

December 29, 2017

How have you been feeling lately? A little tired after the rush of the holiday season? Feeling a bit down in the dumps, tired and under-enthused? Sounds like you may have a touch of the Winter Blues.

Many people in colder climates feel the Winter Blues this time of year. The condition is so prevalent that it even has a name: Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Researchers argue as to its cause and treatment. Some suggest it is associated with the lack of sunshine during this time of year, but others argue a genetic predisposition. Either way – it’s a definite condition for many of us in the Northeast and Central New York region.

SAD can affect up to almost 10 percent of the population in some areas. Most people afflicted with this condition will treat themselves with some form of light therapy or doses of melatonin and vitamin D. We have another suggestion to add to this: FLOWERS!

Flowers have an amazing ability to reduce depression and make people feel happier. Regardless of the cause, it makes sense that a relatively easy and pleasant way to combat the winter blues is to have flowers both at home and at work. You’ll be surprised how much having some blooms close by helps, specifically a vases of yellow, pink, green and a touch of blue. Yellow is often described as cheery, sunny and warm. But because too much yellow can be fatiguing to the eye due to its brightness, add the balancing colors of greens, pinks and blue. Green is described as healing and natural, while blue in small doses can bring on feelings of peace and security.

Not only are flowers great for your home on a dreary day, they’ll do wonders for your office (especially one without windows), when it’s cold and dreary. Buy yourself a bouquet, and see how your productivity and happiness improves!

Cute, colorful and guaranteed to put the blues at bay – flowers are the answer when the days are cold and gray. Give us a call or order online and send those winter blahs packing. We even came up with an arrangement to brighten your winter days – our “Promise of Spring” arrangement includes a colorful mixture of bright and fragrant flowers, artfully arranged in glass vase for your desk or table:



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